Waist Space Package of 2


The package includes (2) Waist Space elastic pants extenders. Each Waist Space is made from durable and flexible rubber/silicone material that’s lightweight and easy to use.

  • Colors: Black | Beige
  • Comfortable: Allows a user to extend the waistline of a pair of pants from 1/2″ inch to 3″ inches sitting, standing, bending or running.
  • Elastic: Expands and contracts in the button waist area of pants for maximum comfort and extension.
  • Adjustable: Designed with 2 button slots as extenders to adjust with pants and stretch with the waist line.
  • Strong: Made from quality rubber/silicone material for durability and a comfortable and flexible fit.

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Product Description

Waist Space button extenders are specifically designed to stretch with you just enough to provide a comfortable fit. Waist Space product works well without sacrificing it’s overall utility by providing more space to button a pair of pants that are too tight to wear. Our extenders feature 2 button slots too allow for easy clothing adjustments that can stretch up to 30% maximum expansion. Waist Space is a versatile (patent pending) pant extender solution that will work well with your pants or jeans to expand the waist size and allow you more space and comfort. Our product is also perfect for mothers that are pregnant and will help save money from buying more maternity clothes during the first trimester or throughout the pregnancy period.

Overall, Waist Space is an excellent clothing accessory for anyone who may have gained a few extra pounds during the holidays or simply ate too much after going out to eat at a restaurant. So keep a WaistSpace button extender in your car or office if you ever feel a bit tight in the waist or you need a little help buttoning your pants.

Additional Information
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 1 in