How It Works

Features of the Waist Space Button Extender

DURABLE  No worries of stretching-out or breaking causing an embarrassing moment wearing your clothing. Why? Because Waist Space (WS) button extenders are less likely to break or crack under stress from sitting, standing, running or bending.  WS is made from a flexible yet strong rubber/silicone material with just enough tension to stretch up to 30% more its original size.

PERFECT FIT  WS button holes provide waist-line clothing adjustment from (1/2″ to 3″).  WS button extension is the quickest and easiest method to adjust a pair of pants that are too tight.  WS also stretches smoothly to avoid a flimsy feel such as the stretching spring of a rubber band.  WS will prevent “popping” another button on your favorite jeans.

ALWAYS FITS  Even when you lose or gain a few pounds Waist Space will stretch with you for the most comfortable fit. So after that big holiday meal just attach a WS to your existing pants button for quick and easy comfort. Like our motto says… BE COMFORTABLE AGAIN!

EASY ON EASY OFF  The quality made rubber/silicone material combined with it’s clever two button hole design makes a Waist Space button extender an intuitive and easy-to-use clothing accessory.  You’ll love it’s convenient everyday use or it’s occasional quick rescue from a BIG meal at a restaurant. WS is also quick and easy to un-attach and re-attach when going through airport security or if your in a hurry to get dressed for work.

DIFFERENT COLORS  We offer (2) different colors (Black & Beige) to blend with most types of clothing such as different color jeans, pants, slacks, shorts, dresses or skirts.

BE COMFORTABLE  Knowing that your favorite pants will fit once again and you’ll never have to feel tight in the waist again.


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